When users are migrating to a new D365 environment they may want to bring their data projects with them. Thankfully there is a base process to easily export data projects from the DMF which can later be imported into a new D365 environment. This is very efficient during the implantation and training phases where multiple D365 environments may be in play.

The ability to export (e.g. back up)  and re-import DMF projects is very important for development teams as well. The DMF projects are lost during data refreshes and moving projects during data migration would save time re-configuring projects with complex import sequences/mapping.

In order to migrate our projects, go to the data management workspace and ‘Download’ the data project.

Download data project

Then, save the Zip package and go to your new target environment.  Create a new import/export data project and give it a name.  Click ‘Add file’ and then click the ‘Upload and add’ to select the previously exported Zip package.  This will bring in the project from your previous environment.

Import data project

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