I’ve always wanted to see a simple, user friendly way to enter sales orders directly into Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations from my phone. This felt possible, so I made a 3rd party phone application to do just that!  The app is called AcquireDynamics and it is free to use on both iPhone and Android devices.

Just follow the getting started guide on the AcquireDynamics website (https://acquiredynamics.com) and you will be able to quickly start viewing your data and creating new orders.

The app allows users to create, view, update, and delete orders so you can fully manage everything directly from your phone. Additionally, the offline capabilities allow for you to create orders locally, edit them throughout the day and publish them to your D365 environment when your ready.

The app has a lot of room to grow and improve, and new features coming can be found on the roadmap on the AcquireDynamics website. I hope this contributes to the D365 space or inspires future tools. If you check it out, let me know what you think!

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